RFID Wallet Front
RFID Wallet Hand

The Qwertycards Slim Pop-up Wallet

A light and functional wallet made from premium leather known for its durability, softness and elegance. Stores 5 cards in aluminium pop up case, 2 additional pockets with space for more 4 cards and separate cash holder.

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Currently only available in the United Kingdom

RFID Wallet Overview

Pop Up RFID Wallet With Cash Clip Holder



Store up to 5 cards in the protective aluminium RFID capsule



Cash holder



Extra compartments for 4 cards or receipts



Button release for quick access pop up cards

RFID Wallet Pop-up

Quick Access

Touching the slider button activates a pop up mechanism which allows you to quickly pull out the card you need

RFID Wallet Size

RFID Security Protection

The aluminium pop-up case protects cards from unwanted RFID scanners and electronic pick pocketing

Free Qwertycard With Wallet

Includes free Qwertycard worth £6.99

The simple plastic card that fits in your wallet for easy to remember very strong passwords. Qwertycards are wallet-sized cards that give you a unique cipher to use for creating strong unique passwords for every service you use